What is the Viral Hepatitis Community?

Hepatitis C Treatment

This website disseminates knowledge on hepatitis B, hepatitis C and also hepatocellular carcinoma for all hepatologists.

Gathering all the international news on these pathologies, Viral Hepatitis Community facilitates an equal and regular  access to optimal hepatitis information.

An editorial committee consisting of hepatologists representing several countries ensures the quality of the provided information. It is today composed by Stanislas Pol, France, Georges Papatheodoridis, Greece, Pierre Blanc, France, Ashley Brown, UK, Kosh Agarwal, UK, Pierre Nahon, France and Patrick Kennedy, UK.

Hepatitis Community

Every month, we offer news content ranging from medical congress coverages (under «News») to summaries of recent scientific articles (under «News»), clinical cases discussed by webcast (under «e-learning»), video reports shooted in referent places in Europe (under «e-learning»)…

On the website, you can also find an e-library where are stored all published documents (under «Library»). You can also share your experience (under «Forum») and submit your biography (under «Biographies» ).


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