Nutritional Supplement Descriptions

This section is intended for established patients of our office. Below are detailed descriptions of some of the many supplements that we make available. Not all of the supplements we recommend are on this list – as we may discontinue or add supplements, as appropriate. Our practitioners painstakingly research all supplements that we dispense. We take a great deal of… More →

Hepatitis C May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

List erectile dysfunction among the side effects that can challenge hepatitis C patients, according to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In an Italian study led by Dr. Clodoveo Ferri of the University of Pisa in Italy, 414 men — half with hepatitis C, half without — were asked to complete a survey that evaluated the… More →

What is the treatment for Hepatitis C?

Many people aren’t even aware of what Hepatitis C is, and few know about hepatitis c treatment and how to act once contracted. Hepatitis C comes in two forms, acute and chronic, and is characterized by an inflammation in the liver. It is a viral disease that affects as many as 130-170 million people worldwide, but because of the lack… More →